A list of the custom guitar and bass guitar builders of Canada

The Hand Made Guitar is a building up a huge list of custom and boutique guitar builders from around the world, this page is the list of Canadian guitar builders and we are constantly adding to both the list and the gallery of custom guitars. The hand made guitar is not an automated site in any way, every page, profile and link is created by hand and we appreciate any link suggestions you have, there are a huge number of luthiers working in Canada and would love to list every single one of them right here.
Basone Guitars
Beauregard Guitars
Beardsell Guitars
Beneteau Guitars
Cervelle Guitars
Demers Guitars
DeJonge Guitars
Deakon Roads Guitars
Dickert Guitars
Dingwall Guitars
F bass
Freddys Frets
Greenfield Guitars
Heiden Guitars
Hopkins Guitars
Indian Hill Guitars
Island Instruments
Jillard Guitars
Kinal Guitars
Laplante Guitars
Legend Guitars
Larrivee Guitars
Liquid Metal Guitars
Liscombe Guitars
Loucin Guitars
Manzer Guitars
Maple Tree Guitars
Master Guitars
McConnell Guitars
Michael Dunn Guitars
Moisan Guitars
Morgan Guitars
Norman Guitars
Northwood Guitars
Park Guitars
Robert Guitars
Schwartz Guitars
Scott Classicals
Shifflett Guitars
Threet Guitars
Timeless Instruments
Vorreiter Guitars
Webber Guitars
William Laskin
Wren Guitarworks
Zachary Guitars

A gallery of guitars hand built in Canada