A list of the custom guitar and bass guitar builders of the United States


At the hand made guitar we are compiling lists and profiles of every custom guitar builder currently working in the world; if they build guitars by hand we aim to have them featured on our site. This page is focused on listing all of the bespoke guitar makers currently working in the USA, from small production run electric guitar makers to luthiers who build unique one-off acoustic, classical or jazz guitars. You could very well find your next custom guitar right here. Because small businesses change and evolve, some of these companies may no longer be in business. If you find a dead link or site please let us know so that we can keep our luthier database up to date. We are always on the look out for luthiers we’ve not heard of before; you can submit a site through the contact us link at the bottom of every page. As well as looking through the menus and gallery on the master list pages you can click a ‘random builder’ or ‘random category’ on the left to browse through the makers’ individual profiles.

Abita Springs Guitars
Abyss Guitars
Abel Axe Guitars
Ace Guitars
AE Custom Guitars
Alan Fontanilla
Alan Perlman
Alembic Basses
Allen Guitars
American Archtop Guitars
Anderson Guitars
Andrews Guitars
Angela Guitars
Anthony J Huvard
Applegate Guitars
Armor Guitar Company
Armani Guitars
Artinger Guitars
Austin Guitars
Axl Guitars
Bacorn Guitars
Baranik Guitars
Barney Guitars
Barthell Guitars
Bear Creek Guitars
Beard Guitars
Bee Basses
Bell Guitars
Benavente Guitars
Benedetto Guitars
Benedict Guitars
Becker Guitars
Berkowitz Guitars
Bertoncini Guitars
Beyond the trees
Birdsong Guitars
Bourgeois Guitars
Blackbird Guitar
Black Mesa Guitars
Blanchard Guitars
Blue Lion Guitars
Bolin Guitars
Bootleg Guitars
Borges Guitars
Bozo Guitars
Branch Guitars
Breedlove Guitars
Brubaker Guitars
Brian Moore Guitars
Burrell Guitars
Byrd Guitars
CA Guitars
Callaham Guitars
Campbell American
Carmine Street
Carter Poulson Guitars
Carruthers Guitars
C Hall Guitars
Chafin Guitars
Chappin Guitars
Chappell Guitars
Charles Fox Guitars
Cimarron Guitars
Citron Guitars
Clevinger Guitars
Clinesmith Guitars
Comins Guitars
Creston Guitars
Crook Customs
Conklin Guitars
Cycfi Guitars
Daily Guitars
Dave King Basses
David E Fitzpatrick
Decava Guitars
Delaney Guitars
Delgado Guitars
DeTemple Guitars
Devon Bass Guitars
DGN Guitars
Dicarlo Guitars
DiPinto Guitars
Dudley custom guitars
Dunwell Guitar
Dolan Guitars
Dragony Guitars
Driskill Guitars
Ed Clark Guitars
EER Custom
Eichelbaum Guitars
Elrick Guitars
Electrical Guitar Co
Elliott Guitars
Ergo Guitars
Erlwine Guitars
ES Guitars
Evergreen Mountain
Fano Guitars
Farnell Guitars
Finocchio Guitars
Fleishman Instruments
Fletcher Brock
Fodera Guitars
Foley Guitars
Fritz Brothers
Forbidden Fruit Guitars
Froggy Bottom Guitars
Gadow Guitars
Gallagher Guitars
Galloup Guitars
Garcia Guitars
Gene Liberty
G Gould Guitars
Gigliotti Guitars
GMP Guitars
GMW Guitars
GR Basses
Green Mountain Guitars
Grosh Guitars
Grove Guitars
Gruen Guitars
Guitar Parlour
Gonstead Guitars
Goodall Guitars
Goodman Guitars
Greven Guitars
Griffin Guitars
Grimes Guitars
Hallmark Guitars
Hamblin Guitars
Hanson Guitars
Harden Engineering
Hauver Guitars
Henman Guitars
Hill Guitars
Hoffman Guitars
Holst customs
Huss and Dalton
James Tyler
James A Olson
J Backlund Guitars
John Buscarino
John F Mello
John S Kinnard
JP Guitars
JS Bogdanovich
J Thomas Davis
Kathy Wingert Guitars
Kath Guitars
Ken Bebensee
Ken Lawrence
Ken Smith
Kevin Ryan Guitars
King Blossom
Kirk Sand Guitars
Klein Guitars
KLH Relic Guitars
K-line guitars
Knaggs Guitars
Knutson Luthiery
Koll Guitars
Konkoly Guitars
Kostal Guitars
Krappy Guitars
Krusa Guitars
KSM Guitars
Kubicki Guitars
KXK Guitars
Lacey Guitars
Lakland Basses
Lame Horse Instruments
Larose Guitars
Larry Alan Guitars
Leach Guitars
Lehmann Guitars
Lichty Guitars
Loprinzi Guitars
LSL Guitars
Malden Guitars
Manea Guitars
Mapson Guitars
Marchione Guitars
Maret Guitars
Matsuda Guitars
Mauel Guitars
McAlister Guitars
M Campellone
McCurdy Guitars
McElroy Guitars
McGill Guitars
McInturff Guitars
McNaught Guitars
McSwain Guitars
MDX Guitars
Megas Guitars
Melacon Guitars
Mermer Guitars
Merrill Guitars
Mesrobian Guitars
Michael Kelly
Michael Lewis
Michael Tuttle
Micheletti Guitars
Mike Lull Guitars
Minarik Guitars
Miranda Guitars
MJ Guitars
Modulus Guitars
Moonstone Guitars
Mortoro Guitars
Moses Graphite
Mossman Guitars
Motorave Guitars
MTD Basses
M-tone Guitars
Muiderman Guitars
Myka Guitars
Nash Guitars
Neal Moser
Nickerson Guitars
North American Instruments
Norton Guitars
Novax Guitars
Olson Guitars
Othon Guitars
Pantheon Guitars
Parker Archtops
Paul Robinson
Ped Pederson
Pedulla Guitars
Pensa Suhr
Peter Kellet
Peter Malinosky
Petros Guitars
Pimental Guitars
Rainsong Guitars
Randy Wood
Red Rocket Guitars
Reith Guitars
Ribbecke Guitars
Richard Prenkert
Richter Guitars
Rick Turner Guitars
Rob Allen Guitars
Rob Goldberg Guitars
Robinsong Guitars
Rocket Tone Guitars
Roscoe Bass Guitars
Running Dog Guitars
RWK Guitars
Rowan Guitars
Russell Guitars
S3 Guitars
Santa Cruz Guitars
Savage Guitars
SBM Custom Built
Schaefer Guitars
Schneider Guitars
Scott French Guitars
Sexauer Guitars
Shaw Guitars
Siegmund Guitars
Simpson Guitars
Somogyi Guitars
SonFather Guitars
Specimen Guitars
Spector Bass Guitars
Stark Guitars
Stevens Guitars
Stewart Guitars
Stick Enterprises
Sukop Basses
Surine Basses
Tippin Guitars
Waterstone Guitars


A gallery of guitars hand built in the USA